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This the Ultimate in Hydroplane Racing

Sorry no LARGER picture

This is an Australian Built THUNDER BOAT with a Rolls Royce Merlin Aircraft engine fitted to it.

NOTE!    A crane is used to put these 30ft, 3 ton boats into and out of the water. Note also that big stainless fin behind the sponson for better cornering and this Hydro was built after I had that fin attached to my little 18ft Hydro.  Would have liked to be let loose with one of these, owning a gold or diamond mine would have helped..


Sorry no LARGER picture  Sorry no LARGER picture

Sorry no LARGER picture

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Miss Bud being lifted off trailer.

Miss Bud swings out onto the  water.

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Miss Bud just lowered into the  water.


A dedication to Dave Tenny 1972 and Dave Pagano 2008. Aggressor is known as Australia's greatest Unlimited Race Boat. Powered by a 27 litre/supercharged Rolls Royce Merlin. 

1972 Giffiths Cup. Lake Eppalock. Victoria
 and relaunched in 2008 Hawksbury River. N.S.W.


Sorry no LARGER picture

This was the Ultimate in Hydroplane racing in the United States of America, where they race several of these type of Hydroplanes. The driver is in a capsule similar to fighter aircraft and the driver wears an oxygen mask as well. Now instead of the Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engines, here they use a Lycoming T-55 L-7C turbine (Helicopter) engines. They turn massive revs at the props with speeds in excess of 200 MPH ( Miles Per Hour, not KPH ) 
Note: With turbine engines they get more blow-overs, as turbines do not throttle off instantly there is always a lag. Thus if too much air gets under the hull and the front starts to lift like a piece of plywood in a high speed wind and usually over the boat goes. See some hydro blow-overs below. Hence the use these days of driver capsules with oxygen mask in case of such a blow over. 

Some interesting American Thunderboat Movies.

(Camera on-fin outside and also inside cab)

U-13/J. Michael Kelly in Final Heat at Seafair

Engine Sounds)

Vantage Ultra Unlimited Hydroplane.

(double blow-over)

1988 Unlimited Hydroplane Double Blowover

(Thunderboat racing)

Start of the 2006 San Diego Hydroplane Final Heat

(what NOT to do in Thunderboats)

Unlimited Thunderboat Crash Video
(Music on this clip leaves a bit to be desired)

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